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Unity Audio Containers is an in-progress prototype for a container-based audio logic tool-set, in the form of a Unity package.

The intention with this project is to create a light-weight in-engine solution for Unity Developers that mirrors the most commonly used core feature-sets of audio middleware programs such as Wwise and FMOD, without pulling in heavy external dependencies.

If your project demands a degree of audio complexity that isn't well served by the stock Unity audio tool-set, but middleware solution workflows feel too foreign or complex for your needs, my hope is that this tool will help bridge that gap.

Current Features:

  • Play, Stop, Pause, Unpause, and Break Loop functionality
  • Arbitrarily deeply nested container logic trees
  • Mixing containers of multiple types (clips vs sequence vs random, etc...)
  • Audio Source Pooling
  • Seamless Looping and sample-accurate scheduling
  • Runtime container editing and mixing
  • Editor test functions
  • Play on Enable
  • Looping playback
  • Single, sequential, and random container playback
  • Repetition avoidance
  • Volume mixing and randomization
  • Pitch adjustment and randomization
  • Pre and post-playback delay

Future Content:

  • Weighting of Random Containers
  • Delay randomization
  • Voice Priority
  • Fades
  • Stereo Panning
  • Spatial Blending
  • Reverb Zone Mixing
  • Output Mixer Groups selection
  • Mixer Group Inheritance
  • 3D Sound Settings on Containers
  • Parameters and Switches
  • Blend Containers

Known Bugs/Quirks:

  • Breaking a loop on a looping audio clip marked with the "Play Single Container" attribute will cause the clip to play 'X' times before stopping, where X is the size of the container.


Special Thanks:

Update Notes:


  • Fixed numerous bugs surrounding looping, and refactored a bunch of code.
  • Added a Test Number of Playing Instances editor action.

Install instructions

  • Download the package and Extract
  • Open Unity project and go to Assets < Import Package < Custom Package
  • Select CVAudioContainers.unitypackage and Import All
  • Place a GameObject in your Scene to be your Audio Source Pooler
  • Add the Pool Preparer and Pool scripts to this GameObject
  • Drag the PoolableAudioSource Prefab onto the Pool Preparer Prefabs array
  • Select an object you'd like to play sounds from and add an Audio Container Player component
  • In the CVAudioContainers < AudioContainerObject folder (or any folder of your choosing), right click and select Create < Create Audio Container
  • Name the new Audio Container and drag it onto the AudioContainerFactory field on the Audio Container Player component
  • Select your new Audio Container and assign any desired audio playback logic.
  • Expand the Container List field and select the size of the number of elements you'd like the container to hold
  • Assign any nested Audio Containers or Audio Clips to each of the elements, and select the matching Container Type
  • From here, your logic should be set up and working properly
  • To test, expand the Editor Actions drop-down on the Audio Container Player component and use the Test functions during runtime to preview behaviors
  • Actual runtime behaviors are called via the public Play(), Stop(), Pause(), UnPause(), and BreakLoop() functions in the AudioContainerPlayer
  • They should be accessible from anywhere that has a reference to the AudioContainerPlayer instance, though may need to be called through the CVAudio namespace


CVAudioContainers_v0.1.1.zip 9 kB
CVAudioContainers_v0.1.zip 9 kB

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