A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Experience a twist on the fairy tale story of Red Riding Hood as a branching cross-stitch narrative experience.

Overworld Controls:

  • LMB Click to select
  • MMB Scroll to zoom camera
  • MMB Click & Hold to pan camera
  • Mouse Position edge panning

Minigame Controls:

  • LMB Click to create anchor stitch
  • LMB Drag to drag out stitches from anchor stitch
  • RMB Click to remove stitches up to target stitch
  • MMB Scroll to change stitch colors
  • Keyboard 1-= to change stitch colors
  • LMB Drag on color wheel to change colors

Cutscene Controls:

  • Esc to pause


  • Steven J Garcia - Music Composition & Game Direction
  • Colin Vandervort - Game Design, Implementation & Tech Audio
  • Katie Garling - Narrative Design
  • Omri Perez - Programming & UI
  • Liann Garcia - Illustration & Solo Cello
  • Soren Odom - Voice Talent: Father/Narrator
  • Cora Garcia - Voice Talent: Young Child
  • Katherine Tole - Voice Talent: Red Riding Hood
  • Steve Zapata - Tech Art Magic

Assets Credit:

Part of the Seattle Indies Slow Jam 2021


  • Tranquil Treasure - Design a game that is low-stress / relaxing
  • Digital Conductor- Make a game where the SFX and Music are tied to the player's actions
  • A Whole Cast - make a game that has 3+ voice actors
  • I Hear You - voice all dialog in your game (at least 8 lines)
  • More Than One Right Answer - include multiple endings that respect player choice from earlier in the game
  • Heard But Not Seen - include a character who talks but the player never meets in person
  • Once Upon a Time... - make a game that is inspired by a fairytale but one (or more) major thing in the story has changed
  • Player’s Choice - Give players options to change aesthetic aspects of your game (UI style/color, filters, clothing options, etc.)
  • Bottle Episode - Have your entire game take place in a single, beautifully designed and detailed environment
  • Time to Dream - for the entire jam everyone on the team gets a full night’s rest

Change Log:


  • Epilogue transition timings and triggers fixed
  • Puzzle completion validation fixed
  • Fade to epilogue now transitions cleanly
  • Canvas view edge scrolling now functions properly on fullscreen
  • Small adjustments to the audio mix
  • Small adjustments to the cross stitch shader
  • small adjustments to the music fades and transitions
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsColin, InKahootsMS, theKatiest
GenreInteractive Fiction


Little Red Thread v1.1 - Win.zip 316 MB
Little Red Thread v1.1 - Mac.zip 326 MB


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The music in the trailer was so beautiful, I really enjoyed it.

Thank you so much I'm glad you liked it,  I really enjoyed writing it

THAT INTRO, and the story, and the audio -- what a joy. 

I was a lil confused on the controls, but eventually picked it up!

Thank you for playing! We plan on having a few updates to the game that will make it more immediately accessible so hopefully that will help others not feel the initial confusion.