A downloadable add-on

For the FMOD Unity Integration Package
Tested with version 2.01.07 (may work with other versions, but untested).

What is this?

Simply put, I wanted a way to preview FMOD events more quickly, within the Unity editor. The current methods are:

  1. Add the event and hope you guessed correctly. Hit play, and test. Slow
  2. Double-check the names with those in FMOD Studio. Also slow and requires Studio to be open.
  3. Preview the events in the stand-alone FMOD Events Browser in Unity. Better, but still feels like too many additional clicks to make for a convenient workflow.

So my solution: Play a 2D version of the Event with whatever default parameters it has on it, whenever we select a new event in any Event Browser in Unity. This means that no matter what your workflow looked like below, you have auditory sanity checking and previewing at no extra micro-productivity cost.


  1. Download and install the FMOD Unity integration package: https://www.fmod.com/download
  2. Download and install this package. It modifies a single script in the editor. Replace the original with this one.
  3. Enjoy!

Firelight Technologies is in no way responsible for any issues that may arise due to this modification of their code.


FMOD Event Previewing Add-On 10 kB

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